Best mail-pickup delivery service in NYC that can save your day

For New Yorkers who do not live in ‘doorman’ apartments, receiving packages from Postal, DHL, or FedEx may be a nightmare. Schedule conflicts, faulty doorbells, and a number of other issues may require a trip to one of the city’s highly uncomfortable parcel processing facilities, all for the sake of a Pet or some other unnecessary home goods that might be avoided. However, now that the holiday season has arrived, internet shopping is more popular than ever, and everyone will be sending gifts to their loved ones. Fortunately, package delivery companies that understand the misery of a failed delivery attempt and want to help have never been more popular in the city—and they could just save Christmas. Continue reading to find out how:

Parcel Service

Parcel has you covered this Christmas season, whether you are getting a culinary subscription or sending a gift to friends or family. Parcel works with e-commerce companies that offer items to organize direct delivery to customers. To manage delivery, the shipping company collaborates with craft beer subscription-based sellers that supply a variety of gifts. Parcel has been around for a long, focusing on the gaps in the specialized delivery market. Comments about broken buzzers, according to Parcel CEO Jesse Kaplan, suggest that delivery personnel will be required to phone users rather than put a “we tried, kind of” sign on their front door and return. The parcel is reachable from Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Amazon Locker Service

Amazon Locker is accessible to Amazon users who wish to go a couple of miles to get their package. If you prefer to pick it up at a Locker location, Amazon will send you a message with a code to access the package when it comes. The message also includes the URL of the package and the hours of operation for the chosen venue.

‘Doorman’ Mobile application

The mobile app Doorman enables consumers to schedule deliveries at their leisure. The way it works is that instead of providing a personal address for deliveries, goods are delivered to Doorman’s location. Users may then choose a one-hour time slot, on any day of the week and as long as midnight, for the Doorman to arrive. There are numerous pricing options: for individuals who just need a few items, the A La Carte version is $5 every delivery + $2 per box. Users who anticipate several deliveries arriving at their door may benefit from monthly memberships, which start at a few dollars per month.


Now that you have learned about the different products and services as well as ways that they can serve you, it is now time to start sending your gifts this Christmas season without having to worry about missing possible gifts given out by your family members and family for a wonderful holiday season this year. You may simply organize collection without being forced to wait at home for packages, allowing you to enjoy your holiday commitments uninterrupted.