5 Advantages of Using a Delivery Courier Service

In today’s fast paced, ever-evolving world, a postal service may not do the job for you. If you own an established business or are starting new in the market, you need to make a good impression on the customers and build a loyal customer base. For that to happen, it is essential that you make sure that you provide a much quicker and more reliable solution than old-fashioned “snail mail” or other slower delivery options that take three to five days. Delivery courier services will help you achieve that. With the popularity of same day delivery, customers are no longer inclined to wait more than a day for their deliveries; instead they expect their packages to arrive the same day. However, reduced time is not the only advantage of a mail drop off service, Arizona. Let’s explore the other advantages as well.

Scheduled Deliveries

Have you ever experienced not knowing when your delivery would arrive? This can get quite unsettling and annoying as you are bound to a particular place waiting for your package to arrive because you do not want to miss it.  Delivery courier services, like RCS Delivery, offer the flexibility to schedule specific pickup and delivery times by establishing regular routes. This is great for organizations that make repeat deliveries to the same locations at the same time. Which mean that customers no longer have to unnecessarily wait or look out the window for signs of the delivery truck, or worry if a parcel has reached someone else. Many couriers can even set up schedules that include after-hours, weekend and holiday service.


Partnering with a courier company is the fasted way to getting a package from one place to another.  Many companies that offer same-day delivery service deliver packages to your office, plant, clinic, store or any other location to pick up your item and immediately transport it to its destination. This saves time and gives your business competitive edge over others. These delivery courier services are especially beneficial for sensitive deliveries like urgent medical shipments that need to be delivered on time.


A courier service makes it less likely for your packages to get lost or damaged during the transit due to direct delivery and fewer steps in the process. Since most couriers serve a small, familiar customer base, their reputation within the local business community matter which is why you can be sure your courier implements the most stringent safety and security measures to protect your precious parcels.

Reliable Service

Most delivery services are local or regional, like RCS Delivery, so you can have the peace of mind that you are dealing with a company you trust. Local courier companies like these usually know the areas well and understand your business or organization’s unique delivery needs. If there’s ever a problem with a delivery, you can contact someone nearby who can handle the issue promptly. This might not be possible with a multi-national delivery company.

Saves Cost

Delivering packages can often cost a lot of money especially if you are a business that heavily depends on deliveries. A local courier company provides a more effective alternative. Companies also benefit from working with a local company that can offer more flexible pricing options based on their unique needs. The reliability of a local courier can help them avoid loss of business due to poor delivery service.

If you operate an organization, you will need a courier company that can provide you with all the benefits listed above. RCS Delivery is mail drop off service, Arizona, that provides reliable same-day courier services and other custom logistics solutions tailored to your company’s unique needs. So, partner with us today and get started.